Important Tips To Use A Floor Jack Safely At Home

There is no need to belabor the point that floor jacks are essential tools that every household with a car should have. Go on this site and look over any company that sells floor jack, and you will realize their essentiality. This article gives some tips that will help a person use a floor jack safely and reliably.
• The most common mistake people make while trying to change a car tire or do a general maintenance is park the car in any free space. When you need to use a floor jack, it is essential that vehicle is parked on a solid, hard and flat surface. A driveway that is made of concrete is a good option. A garage that has a solid ground which can withstand the weight of a floor jack lifting up a vehicle is also a good choice. A patch of wet soil or a grassy area is not feasible options because as you use the jack, it will begin to sink in the ground. This can cause serious injuries to a human.
• Now that the car is parked in the correct place, double check that the parking brakes are engaged. An alternate to this is the handbrake. By engaging the brake, you ensure that the vehicle remains entirely static while the repairs are being done. A failure to put the handbrake will make the car start moving as soon as it is jacked up.
• Do not use the floor jack for the first time directly on the vehicle. If the floor jack is damaged or has issues, it can lead to damages to the car and you. Check for an engaging and disengaging system of the floor jack with your hands. See if the jack is properly rising that it holds the position and then lowers back completely. Do this check without a load. While you are checking the floor jack, also take the time to inspect any jack stands and other accessories you may have.
• The next tip to using a floor jack safely is to use wheel chocks. These are floor jack accessories that are placed on both sides of the tires to prevent a vehicle from rolling forward. Wheel chocks are put on the opposite side of the tire that has to be repaired. If the back tire has to be changed, then wheel chocks should be placed on both sides of the front tires. This is essential because the parking brake engages the back tires. This increases the chances of the vehicle rolling.
• Every car comes with jack points. Manufacturers ensure that these points are indicated in some form or the other. They are present on the underside of a car. Before jacking up your vehicle take the time to identify the points and use them to place the floor jack. These points are made specifically to hold the load of the car while it is elevated. To make it easier for users the manual of each vehicle also shows the jack points.

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